Telling Your Story

At LP Creative Media, we love the process of turning an idea into a visual reality. If we look close enough, there are stories all around us. Everyone deserves to be heard, from the small business owner looking to grow their company to the environmentalist spreading awareness. Our mission is to help you find your voice and tell your story. We strive to find the stories of those who are making a difference in our world, approaching every project with the same passion and creativity.


TV Commercials

Let's work together to create a high quality broadcast ready commercial. Our Broadcast television expertise can take all the stress out of creating effective visual messaging.

Cinematic Storytelling

Our company can create a cinematic video capturing your message. Each cinematic video is handcrafted to tell your story creatively.

Live Events

Broadcast your live events to the Internet in HD quality. Reach a wider audience by live streaming your events to social media or to your website!

Custom Web Development

The custom websites we make are designed to be responsive and mobile friendly, created precisely to your specifications.


Logo Design

LP Creative Media can help your company stand out by developing or re-designing a logo and design branding package.


Our photography services can help you capture and share the world around you with those you care about, or those you want to impress!

Years in Business

Projects Completed

  • Government Contracts 15% 15%
  • Non-Profit Contracts 30% 30%
  • Commercial Contracts 55% 55%
LP Creative Media Tell Your Story

Find Your Digital Voice

As a Digital Media Services company, our passion is to help small businesses tell their story using Video, Web Design, and Print. In order to do this, you need quality content and the right platform with which to broadcast. We can help you find your digital voice and spread your message by building a high quality, mobile responsive website or creating a cinematic video.

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